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Ariel Charlie

My name is Ariel Charlie. I'm so glad that you have found my website. I hope that YOU WILL FIND IT INFORMATIVE, AND THAT IT GIVES YOU A SENSE OF THE COMPANIONSHIP YOU WILL ENJOY WHEN YOU ARE WITH WITH ME.


Who is Ariel Charlie?

I like to think of myself as adventurous, sweet, kindhearted, playful gal, in love with life, and passionate about experiencing as much of the world as I can: people, places, passions, etc. My world is shaped by creativity,  curiosity, exploring and a thirst for knowledge and a profound desire for a colorful life. I am polished, but not pretentious. I am an educated, cultured, well traveled companion.

My appearance draws people in, but it is so much more than surface and people feel that before even knowing much more. It's about energy and essence, above all. Don't get me wrong - I value aesthetics as well, and take pride in my appearance. Most of all I value our deep connection and understanding each other.  I’m committed to taking care of myself to staying in shape, eating well, working out, and pay attention to my personal style.


Time spent with me can be whatever we make it. While I enjoy discrete, private time. . So... what makes you tick?

I like to build long term friendship with select few. If the connection is there I love to be taken to new restaurants, Broadway plays, concerts, galleries and I make a great travel companion, so if you're interested in taking me somewhere, just ask. I am as comfortable in heels and dressy  attire, as I am with no make-up, and my blue jeans... it's a good look ;). I am  very adaptable and positive, so it's easy for me to find joy in most things that I do with my companion, as long as it's good company and we treat each other with respect. I look forward to hearing from you :).

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